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I'd like to take a minute and reflect on what has happened since I woke up in the middle of the night last November with the thought "I Remember JFK! Now THAT would be a cool name for a Boomer nostalgia site!" To my delight and surprise, the domain name was available.

I just received my Google ranking, and it's a pretty good one. That was my initial goal when I put this site together. I'm now getting good, steady traffic from the king of search engines.

What I never envisioned was the response I've received from Boomers. I've always had a slightly better-than-average memory. The cumulative effect over the years is that my wrinkled bald head is filled with all sorts of trivial recollections that have proven to have an emotional impact on many who had long since forgotten similar events from their own childhoods.

And the fact that I have been the extremely fortunate recipient of traffic blasts from Pirillo's Picks, CBS News, KSDK TV in St. Louis (GO CARDS! Tony! Can't you afford a cab??), and the lovely Kim Komando. That last one alone was worth a cool 18,000 visits on March 20. Glad I switched to a dedicated server last year!

It's given me a pleasure that I have never attained with any site I conceived of or hosted in my ten years in the business. I can't wait to get home from work each day and write a new I Remember JFK reminiscence! And the slew of comments from you wonderful fellow Boomers shows that you're enjoying this ride, too.

I figure I've tapped perhaps 1% of my childhood memories. So keep tuning in every day, and sign up for the emailed summary of each day's article, if you haven't already!

And thank you so much, all of you visitors who make this so rewarding.

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