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Bell Bottoms

Bell BottomsAh, bell bottoms, those monstrously impractical yet completely irresistible flared pants. This fashion statement came straight from the good old U.S. Navy. Supposedly, the reasoning behind them was that the flared opening made the trousers easier to jettison in case you fell overboard. Then, they could be filled with air to make a life preserver.

Whatever. In the 60's, this look was declared to be cool, and cool it was. I got my first pair when I was nine years old. They were green striped, and instantly transformed me into the coolest thing in school.

The striped pants were a fixture in TV, the movies, and advertisements. But they pretty much disappeared early in the 70's. But flare-legged jeans rolled on.

The photo to the right is Kate Jackson, world-famous "smart" Charlie's Angel. Obviously, bell-bottoms were still cool to wear by the later 70's.

I had a pair of Levi's Big Bells circa 1976. Man, those monsters completely covered my big feet.

The monstrous-sized bells have become passe, but flares continue to live on. Check out this site for more on bell bottoms and flares than you could possibly assimilate. They even teach you how to easily create your own from standard jeans.

Here's to bell bottoms. Seeing a pair of big bells instantly takes you back at least thirty years.

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