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Coca Cola Jingles, Part 2

Everybody loves a Coke!To continue from yesterday, I Remember JFK is featuring Coca-Cola jingles from the 60's and 70's that you just might remember. Or, in another equally likely scenario, you may have had these tunes stuck in your cranium for many years.

If the latter is the case, please accept my apologies for contributing to your obsession. Rest assured, you're not alone. Those old Coke jingles are dancing around my head, too.

The Carpenters were the hottest thing around circa 1971, and Coke hired them to belt out their own rendition of It's the Real Thing. Enjoy Karen's sweet vocals.

1960's Coke canI'm going to need a little help from you readers on this one. This version of "Things Go Better with Coke" sounds like it might be by Buffalo Springfield. But I may be wrong. Please give it a listen and help me out, would you? Here it is.

By 1976, Coke's catchphrase was "Coke adds life." Here's a version of that jingle from that bicentennial year.

Tom Jones was the Welsh wonderkid of the 60's. Imagine him peeling off scarves and such while belting out his own version of "Things Go Better." Give it a listen.

Then, of course, there was New Coke. What a strange trip THAT was. But two years after its rocky debut, Coke was still pushing it as the Next Big Thing. Note this clip featuring Max Headroom from 1987: Click here.

And last, but certainly not least, here's Roy Orbison in the early 60's with his soaring tenor making "Things Go Better" his own: Download file

So here's to Coke. It has always striven to present its product in clever, pleasant advertsising. What a shame all advertising can't be follow the same guidelines.

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