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Have a Coke!A memory that all generations have in common since the advent of broadcast radio is the Coke jingle. Coca-Cola has spent untold millions, likely billions, of dollars on advertising over the years. And a large percentage of that cash has gone to creating jingles that stay with you.

And stay with you they did! One even became a hit single. The others are as familiar as a pair of old house slippers. Even though you may not have heard them in years, they are quite familiar.

Today's column will be a bit different. I will be presenting a nice batch of jingles in various formats. I hope you won't have any trouble listening to them. If you do, leave comments and I'll see what I can do about converting them.

Coke advertisementI purchased a CD full of jingles a while back, and will be doing a few upcoming columns featuring many of them. I thought I would begin with the long-reigning King of soft drinks, due to the fact that so many of their advertising tunes are still bouncing around my bald head 40 years and more after I last heard them.

The Kingston Trio, 1963. Let's begin with the first jingle I remember hearing. This particular one was performed by the Kingston Trio. Coke has long had a practice of hiring popular music stars while their recognition factor was at its peak. The Trio had recently scored a chart-crossing hit called Tom Dooley when Coke hired them to hawk their wares with this irresistible, unforgettable tune. Yikes, better watch those adjectives. I'm going to need a slew of them before I'm through.

The Bee Gees, mid-1960'sThe Bee Gees had some 60's hits, but didn't really explode until the Disco Era. But this pleasant tune highlights their easy-going harmonic style long before polyester.

The Supremes, Circa 1965 Diana Ross and the Supremes sing about the little things. There was nothing little about the popularity of Motown's greatest girl group, or Coke. Feel the irony . . .

Otis Redding, 1968 I never enjoyed Otis Redding when I was a kid. He died tragically young, and his music wasn't played much on the radio during the 70's. But I am now a dedicated fan. This presentation of "Things Go Better," in which the great man is accompanied by his incomparable brass backup, is a treat for the ears.

Nancy Sinatra, 1966 These boots weren't yet made for walkin', but Frank's sultry offspring still got her point across.

Whew! That was a lot of work. Tune in tomorrow for more Coke jingles to jog your Boomer memory!

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