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fleer.jpgA penny was real legal tender in the 60's. You could walk into the local supermarket or grocery store with a single cent and walk out the proud owner of a piece of Dubble Bubble gum.

Not only did you have the best chew that could be had, complete with that timeless bubble gum taste, you also got a small but significant piece of American literature: A copy of Fleer Funnies.

Fleer Funnies featured a character named Pud. He had some other friends who were regular visitors, as well as the occasional space alien as evidenced by this graphic.

I learned several interesting facts about Fleer Funnies at This great site, loaded with lots of pictures. For instance, Fleer started putting comic wrappers around their gum in the 1930's! And they still do! The site also reminded me that Pud frequently shared his space with ads for baseball caps, Indian arrowheads, and such.

And yes, the venerable Pud is still around. You Boomers from the 50's will remember a porky little kid. By the 60's, he had slimmed down. He doesn't look the same now as he did when I was a kid, but very few of us do ;-).

Dubble Bubble was a small but significant part of my childhood. I'm pleased that it's still around. It doesn't cost a penny apiece any more, though.

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