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The ubiquitous fondue potAh, those sweet, laid-back decades of the 1960's and 1970's. We were worried about things like Russian missiles, inflation, getting our butts kicked by the Commies in the Olympics, and what smoking might be doing to our health.

So the key thing to do was to mellow out. And what was a better way to relax than with a fondue pot full of aromatic cheese, and a bevy of friends with whom to dip one's bread into the pot?

1960's fondue partyThe blissful ignorance of the times helped the proliferation of fondue pots. After all, cheese was this nice natural food that was GOOD for you. And what could be healthier than homemade bread? Well, it turned out that cheese was loaded with nasty saturated fats. And bread was loaded with carbs, which would later be declared to be a bad source of girth.

But in the cigarette-smoke-laden-decades of the 60's and 70's, fondue was a nice, slightly exotic way to have good food and good fellowship.

Fondue was a tradition that arose among the Swiss in the 17th century. They discovered that combining wine with good Swiss cheeses and dipping crusty bread into the mixture made for some delightful eating on cold evenings.

The poor mountain folk of Switzerland couldn't afford the pricey cheeses and wine that went into the pot, so fondue was a delicacy reserved for the privileged classes for many years.

But as economic differences between the classes shrank with more modern times, fondue spread all over Europe, becoming a hit in places as diverse as France and Sweden.

During the 60's, fondue pots began being seen in the US, particularly in California. Fondue parties were held in the Golden State from 1967 onwards. These parties would commence with classic cheese/wine fondue, followed by delightful dessert versions that might include melted chocolate and fresh Hawaiian pineapple chunks. YUM!

For the geek Boomer: the USB fondue potFondue pots hit their peak of popularity about the same time we declared the wethead to be dead and the blow dryer was found in men's bathrooms in prolific numbers. By 1980, fondue pots were as rare as bright blue shag carpet.

But they never completely disappeared, and in today's computer age, you can get yourself a fondue pot that plugs into your PC's USB port.

It's the perfect companion to your USB Lava Light and your peace sign desktop wallpaper.

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