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Hai Karate

Ah, those confusing teenage years. Girls, once to be avoided at all costs, had somehow become . . . desirable! And there we were, teenaged boys, quite bewildered by the whole concept.

But we knew one thing for sure: we HAD to pursue those girls.

Fortunately, the advertising industry was there to help. Want a girl? Splash on some Hai Karate. Then, you will literally have to fend them off with martial arts!

Hai Karate magazine adErgo, Hai Karate was the first after shave purchase by many a male American who was first feeling the effects of hormones. Many of us had after shave before we even STARTED shaving. Oh well, whatever it took to be attacked by smitten ladies.

Hai Karate advertised that it came complete with a self-defense instruction booklet, to help users of the irresistible fragrance to defend themselves against the aforementioned women.

Hai Karate hit the store shelves in 1967. If the original scent didn't give you the results you desired, you could always fall back on Oriental Lime, Musk, or Oriental Spice.

The very words conjure up visions of paneled walls, Nehru jackets, and paisley shirts.

Hai Karate had competition, of course. English Leather, Brut, and Old Spice also hawked their wares on television and in magazine ads aimed straight at the teenaged male.

But there was something unforgettable about having to defend yourself from ladies who were overcome by the scent of your after shave.

Hai Karate cardboard recordHai Karate also came with a cardboard record outlining how to defend yourself from aggressive women. Click here to visit a site that has it digitized.

Is it just me, or have after shave commercials aimed at teenagers become rare? You couldn't watch an episode of American Bandstand without seeing four or five of them. The short forays I've taken into MTV showed me nary a cologne ad.

Come on, kids, get with the program. Dig through the boxes in the attic and try to find a bottle of Hai Karate.

Just make sure you know how to defend yourself.

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