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I Remember JFK's Advertising Policy and Terms

We are happy to run plain-text advertisements. These ads can be in the form of a single bold link on the front page or a more detailed ad on specific pages of the site.

We are NOT accepting advertisements for casinos, adult-oriented content, or tobacco products. Any advertisement is subject to the webmaster's ultimate control and it's up to him (a.k.a. me) if it runs or not.

That being said, I'm really not that picky. But if I turn down your offer of advertisement, it's nothing personal. Please don't take offense.

The Bald Guy Enterprises, Inc. has been nicely successful in creating sites with excellent traffic. That traffic has steadily increased based on many factors, not the least of which is making gut calls on what types of advertising is a good fit.

I Remember JFK has been up and running since November, 2007. Here is our current Alexa ranking.

Our traffic has been steadily trending upwards since the site's launch. We have been featured in several online, print, and televised articles.

We have done very well with search engine performance, particularly with Google. For instance, a query of Boomer nostalgia returns us fourth as of time of publication. We also do well with searches of individual article subjects, such as Big Chief Tablets, mimeograph machines, or Fizzies.

With that in mind, I Remember JFK offers advertisers the opportunity to purchase long-term advertising as an investment.

Location of Ad One Year Two Years Three Years Lifetime of Site
Front Page (Right Column) $100.00 $200.00 $300.00 $1000.00
One Individual Article $50.00 $100.00 $150.00 $300.00
Two Individual Articles $100.00 $175.00 $250.00 $500.00

These rates will only go UP as traffic increases, so get locked in now while it's affordable!

Of course, we will negotiate for more extensive advertising placements.

To contact us about advertising opportunities, send an email to enderland (at) gmail.com.

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Note to those who would use my images
You may use any images you find on my site on your own personal site. However, I request that you include a link back to I Remember JFK. Fair enough?

My Policy on Advertisements
You will never see a Flash ad, a popup ad, or a banner ad at I Remember JFK. What you will see are unobtrusive, friendly text ads. If you get popups here, the problem is that you have adware or spyware on Microsoft Windows. I recomment you download and install Ubuntu Linux and enjoy safe, adware-free surfing. Barring that, install Spybot and Ad-Aware to kill the bugs.

With that, if you have ad-disabling software such as AdBlock Plus, I respectfully request that you make an allowance for my website in its settings. You have my personal guarantee that there is no intrusive advertising here

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