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Schwinn Sting-Ray

Schwinn Sting-RayIf you were a kid in the 60's, there was only one kind of bicycle to own: A Schwinn Sting-Ray, or at the very least one of its less expensive clones.

The Sting-Ray, as can be seen from this photo of a 1968 Krate, was the ultimate ride. This model features the small front tire, rear shock, spring-loaded front suspension, and the stik-shift that let you select one of three speeds.

I learned a lot about Sting-Rays at this site. The Krate went for as much as $129.95 in 1968! No wonder I had to settle for a clone.

The Sting-Ray was introduced the same year JFK died. It was just in time to attract the attention of kids my age who were still riding trikes. By the time we were old enough for two wheels, we were cajoling our frazzled parents into getting us banana-seat bikes with monkey bars. After all, no self-respecting kid with any concept of cool at all would be caught riding one of those Leave-It-to-Beaver bikes.

The banana-seaters made it easy to pop wheelies. Once you mastered the wheelie, you would perform the maneuver constantly. The best of us could ride with one wheel up in the air for considerable distances.

The bikes were also adept at performing jumps. And if your foot slipped off a pedal in mid-air, it was quite within the realm of possibility to land crotch-first on that bar. OUCH!!!!!

Schwinn is making Sting-Rays again! You can get classics that look like 1966, or tricked out monstrosities that resemble custom Harleys. See the details at the site above.

Here's to the coolest pedal-powered ride on two wheels: the Sting-Ray.

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