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Pointy GlassesIn my photo albums from the 60's, every woman over the age of thirty is wearing a pair of these pointy glasses.

These were quite the craze among the WWII generation, that is, our mothers and aunts. My mom had at least three pairs of them, which she was always losing and imploring me to help her find.

However, the glasses were also a hit with many of the younger generation as well. Pointy glasses and stirrup pants adorned at least a few nubile figures in advertisements of the day.

All of my grade school teachers wore them, too. In fact, Mrs. Finley looked pretty hot in them!

Then, I would see a picture of my sweet Aunt Leah, and I would be brought back to earth.

Most of my aunts (and my mom) moved on to big plastic in the 70's. But many who have reached their golden years continue to wear the 1960's-signature pointy glasses. Here's to all of them.

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