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Shake Open and Pour, a Milk Shake

One of the catchiest commercial jingles around was the above refrain. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to locate a picture. But I was able to dig up a little info on it.

Milk Shake was a Borden's product. There seemed to be a brief craze in the mid-to-late 60's of selling canned milk shakes. A rival brand was Great Shakes, which also had a killer jingle.

Anyhow, this song stuck in my head as a kid, and I can recall most of the lyrics:

Shake open and pour, a milk shake!
Shake open and pour, a milk shake!
(Something something), in a can
(Something else), it's crazy man!
No fountain drink is better than

At this point a kid would screw up his line and blurt out
er, shake open and pour!

Help me with the missing lyrics, would you?

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