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Square Milk Cartons in School

squarecarton.jpgAh, elementary school. You got recess in the morning, lunch, recess in the afternoon, AND milk break! Life was sweet, especially now that many of us are slaving away at 50-60 hour per week jobs and are on call 24/7.

But in those relaxed times, we could count on an afternoon delivery of white or chocolate (your choice!). And, coolest of all, it came in cubic cartons.

Now, to be honest, I got a lot of milk in the more traditional cartons that had a single edge at the top, shaped a bit like a house. But in my earliest school years, the bovine-produced delight was encased in these perfect cubes, complete with a corner that was to be turned up for dispensing of the contents.

This photo is from a vintage carton featured for sale on eBay. I would have liked to seen a corner-on shot, but it gets the idea across.

Here's to more relaxed times. Maybe we need afternoon milk breaks at our cubicled sweatshops.

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