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The Seven Up Candy Bar

Seven Up BarThere was a company in St. Paul, Minnesota called the Trudeau Candy Company. It began marketing a candy bar (I never found out when) called the Seven Up Bar. I have no idea how they managed to avoid being sued by a certain soft drink manufacturer.

Anyhow, in 1951, the Trudeau Candy Company was bought out by Pearson's Candy Company. They continued to market the unique candy bar at least until the 1970's. Then it was gone.

The Seven Up bar was an incredible confection. It consisted of seven individual compartments coated in delicious milk chocolate. The seven compartments were stocked with the folowing fillings: cherry, coconut, caramel, fudge, jelly, maple, and Brazil nut.

It was incredible. Part of its appeal was that it wasn't sold just anywhere. In my hometown of Miami, Oklahoma, dad had to drive to a certain store that sold the delicious treat to get one for mom. As I recall, it also had a premium price.

Under those circumstances, I didn't get to eat that many of them. But the ones I DID eat were heaven. The jelly was the best part, and, of course, it would be saved for last.

I didn't always remember where it was in the arrangement of cubicles, so a test bite might have to be performed.

Here's to a unique, long-gone delight: the Seven Up Bar.

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