Rockem Sockem Robots

Original Rockem Sockem Robots

If you were a kid in the 60’s, and wanted frequent visits from your buddies, all it took was for you to own one of these babies.

Rockem Sockem Robots were advertised on commercials that thoroughly entranced their intended young audience. The robots would mercilessly hammer each other until one of them popped the spring-loaded head of the other and it would fly straight up about an inch.

You knocked his block off!

Many toys were a bit of a letdown after their spectacular commercials. Not this one. It was a real rip to play with. You could spend an hour sparring with your pal. That was an eternity in kid-attention-time.

This well-designed plastic toy seemed to last forever. It was made for hard play, and it delivered!

It was such a kid magnet that even the dweebiest kid was guaranteed visitors if he was the fortunate owner of one of these.

They still make Rockem Sockem Robots, as should be the case with the greatest toys. You can order them from several online stores, ask Google.

But they no longer have a hold on a young generation like they once did. Those classic commercials made it a must-have. Many a harried parent gave in to relentless begging from tots who just couldn’t get that image of the popping robot’s head out of their minds.

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