Sugar Daddy vs. Black Cow vs. Slo-Poke

Sugar Daddy

Well, this war was won a long time ago.

It used to be that when you were in the mood for an all-day sucker, you had a choice to make. Sugar Daddy? Black Cow? Slo Poke?

Decisions, decisions . . .

As I recall, Slo Poke was the direct equal of the Sugar Daddy, the Black Cow being, basically, a Slo-Poke dipped in chocolate. I don’t mind telling you, it wasn’t much of a competition for me. I must have eaten at least a thousand Black Cows in the 60’s.

Holloway was the maker of Slo Pokes and Black Cows. I seem to remember a Pink Cow, too, but couldn’t tell you what it was. Maybe someone out there can?

Anyhow, the original companies got swallowed up by bigger boys, and eventually Clark ended up with the Holloway all-day suckers. In 1998, they discontinued the production of the long-lasting caramel goodies.

Sugar Daddy is now owned by Tootsie Roll, and yes, they’re still around. So even though Black Cow won the battle in the 60’s, as far as I’m concerned, Sugar Daddy won the war.

Slo-Poke sucker box
Black Cow sucker box

4 thoughts on “Sugar Daddy vs. Black Cow vs. Slo-Poke”

  1. You bring back fond memories of my love for Slo-Poke and Black Cow Suckers. Yes, my dentist loved me, because of all the business I gave him. I had an entire mouth of fillings, but, wow, was that candy delicious.

  2. Why did I think it was a brown cow? Either way, I can’t say I’m much of a fan of the “Sugar Daddy” but I’d be happy with a Slo Poke or better yet, chocolate covered!

    1. What do you know I found “Black Cow” candy item online at “Pearls nostalgic candy and nuts”. Been revamped but might be even better! Enjoy 😉

  3. I need to send to my friend she is looking for the surgery daddy’s where can I find them to send her the web site? Thank you souther Il

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