Shake Open and Pour, a Milk Shake

Borden Milk Shake

One of the catchiest commercial jingles around was the above refrain.

Milk Shake was a Borden’s product. There seemed to be a brief craze in the mid-to-late 60’s of selling canned milk shakes. A rival brand was Great Shakes, which also had a killer jingle.

Anyhow, this song stuck in my head as a kid, and I can recall most of the lyrics:

Shake open and pour, a milk shake!
Shake open and pour, a milk shake!
(Something something), in a can
(Something else), it’s crazy man!
No fountain drink is better than

At this point a kid would screw up his line and blurt out
er, shake open and pour!

Help me with the missing lyrics, would you?

3 thoughts on “Shake Open and Pour, a Milk Shake”

  1. This was a good product. Just like Burger Chef. They put ketchup, mustard and onions on every burger. This shake had great chocolate taste!

  2. Here are the lyrics:
    Shake, open, and pour… a milkshake!
    Shake, open, and pour… new Milk Shake!
    Borden’s Milk Shake in a can
    Icy thick… It’s crazy, man!
    No fountain shake tastes greater than
    Shake, open, and pour.
    ‘This is ice creamy!’
    ‘It’s foamy!’
    ‘It’s fun!’
    Borden’s Milk Shake’s the only one
    You can shake, open, and pour!

  3. I’m 66 and remember it well. I sing it when I have my wife trapped in the car. She just smiles and shakes her head

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