Bell Bottoms

July 14, 2019 irememberjfk_l6fq3c 0

Ah, bell bottoms, those monstrously impractical yet completely irresistible flared pants. This fashion statement came straight from the good old U.S. Navy. Supposedly, the reasoning […]

The Miniskirt

July 2, 2019 irememberjfk_l6fq3c 0

In the 1960’s, America turned its eyes east for inspiration. Specifically, we looked to England. We were very impressed indeed with what the British had […]

The Bikini

July 2, 2019 irememberjfk_l6fq3c 0

Boomer ladies, I’m sure that if I cross the chauvinistic line in today’s piece, you’ll be more than happy to let me know. What would […]